Donation #5... The Respiratory Unit at LGH!

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

This donation is 15% funded- with your help we will be donating 45 bowls

The next donation was a nomination for the respiratory therapists at Lancaster General Health and since so much of this is new to us we needed to get more information. Danielle was kind enough to connect with us and answer our questions so we could better understand all of the hard work that they are doing. Words cannot describe how thankful we are for their bravery! <3

"Respiratory Therapists are specialized health care practitioners trained in cardiopulmonary care in order to work therapeutically with people suffering from pulmonary disease. They are on the front line in the COVID-19 fight, working with physicians to help patients survive. They manage ventilators and provide other critical breathing treatments to people suffering from lung disease. They work alongside nurses and doctors in the emergency room, ICU, and throughout the entire hospital.

There’s been a lot of talk about the shortage of ventilators throughout this crisis, long story short Respiratory Therapists are the ones that set up, manage, and run the ventilators on these critically ill patients," - @dweisser035

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