The 4th Donation... WellSpan Health Lititz Urgent Care!!

You have probably read that a lot of facilities have been transformed or altered in order to create a safe space to screen/test/treat patients with COVID-19. These healthcare workers and their families are making such a big sacrifice working in these situations and we want to do our best to recognize each and every one of them.

One of the nominations we received was for the WellSpan at the Lititz Urgent Care.

A few weeks ago they converted the urgent care into a COVID19 treatment & testing facility in order to meet the communities needs. Their staff has been working tirelessly while creating and learning all new skills with a workflow to treat patients that are getting turned away by other urgent cares and cannot receive treatment anywhere else. Like many places they have adapted to serve the community the best we can but by doing so putting ourselves and our families at great risk. As far as they know, they were one of the first testing AND treatment center for COVID-19 in Lancaster County. They are currently working 13 hour shifts and they need your support more than ever! Please consider reaching out or commenting below to send them your love!

To all of the teams working extra shifts, crazy hours, missing out on time with your families we see you and appreciate you! To put it plane and simple... YOU ARE AMAZING!

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