Our 1st donation will be made to the Emergency Department at Lancaster General Hospital!

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

We are able to make these donations because of our amazing customers that continually donate!

This donation has been 100% funded and we are able to give 75 bowls!

The Lancaster Community = The Best Community! 💜

We are so blessed to have people like these individuals working to keep us safe and they were kind enough to share their story and how COVID-19 is impacting them! Please take a minute to read their story below! •

Please consider donating on our website at See our story for more details. 100% of the donations will go directly to these teams at product cost.

“The past 2 -3 weeks have been extremely tough for my coworkers in the ED. Our workflow and protocols have all changed dramatically. We are very tight on supplies that protect us and we have been limiting the visitors allowed in the department. This means we have to increase security throughout the hospital.

Recently, every employee must now go through security and a temperature check station to be cleared to work. If we pass, we are handed one mask in a paper bag. We must wear this mask all day long (unless soiled) to protect ourselves and our patients. If a patient is considered high risk for the virus, we are to wear a different type of mask and gear up in additional protective equipment. Waking into the department and sitting through our daily huddle, you can feel the stress and tension in the air. Some of us go home crying. Some don’t even make it to the car. Despite all of the changes and unknown, we are very happy to be working and proving care to our community. This is the job we signed up to do. We are the frontline and we will do everything we can to help.” -@nursedk5



Bowls were delivered on 4/1! :-)