We're proud of the people that we work with at Oola Bowls

and are excited for you to get to meet them too!

Brock Snider


Brock Snider Co-Founder of Oola Bowls. A native Lancasterian graduated with a Business Degree from the prestigious Bloomsburg University. Outside of Oola Bowls, Brock married Ali in July of 2020 and has Yellow Lab named Beau. He enjoys playing intramural sports such as softball and kickball. He's an avid outdoorsman keen on hunting and fishing.

Joe Ferderbar


Joe Ferderbar Co-founder of Oola Bowls.  Prior to Oola Bowls, Joe was and continues to be the Operating Owner of Signarama Lancaster.  With Signarama, the World's largest sign franchise, Joe was elected to the Franchises Advisory Council and awarded the most improved franchise location after his first year as an owner. Joe currently resides in Lancaster with his wife Chelsey and Daughter Della and after growing up in Buffalo, NY he remains an avid Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres fan.

Jackie's Headshot.jpeg

Social Media &

Marketing Manager

Jackie Wiggins joined Oola Bowls in August of 2018. She is a part of our Marketing team, manages and creates content for social media, and is one of our managers at Lancaster Central Market. "Being a part of Oola since almost the beginning has really been awesome! It's so cool to look back and see how far we've already come, and it's really exciting to be a part of it as it continues to grow." Outside of Oola Bowls, Jackie enjoys spending time with family and friends. She and her husband Joel are always going on adventures, whether it's to their family cabin in Huntingdon County, day trips to the beach, road trips to Disney World, or even just exploring Lancaster City!

Jimmy Rogan

Director of Operations

Jimmy has been working for Oola Bowls since August of 2018. He is the Operations Manager, he handles our scheduling, ordering, and day to day operations in the stands. Before Oola Bowls he worked for The Vanguard Group where he handled changing ownership of mutual funds. He left Vanguard to come to Oola Bowls to escape the corporate work style and to start working in a fun environment. A fun fact about Jimmy is that he moved to Ireland for the length of 2016 and got a chance to visit different countries around Europe while he was there.

Phil Dobinson

Director of HR

Phil Dobinson joined the Oola Bowls team in August of 2019. He handles the HR side of things (Hiring, Training, Process Documentation, Company Emails, Customer Engagement, Catering/Events, Fundraising/Donations.) It’s exciting to work at a small start-up company, and help establish the foundation and core of what’s to come. Love planning goals and creating a fun culture and work environment. Outside of Oola Bowls, Phil married Laura in July of 2020, lives in Lancaster City, enjoys checking out breweries, enjoys staying active at the gym, and playing sports. Big Philly sports guy! Enjoys trying to travel as much as possible. He has visited: Spain, Ireland, Prague, and his favorite place in the states was Denver! Fun Fact: He has his Open Water Scuba Certification.

Billy Heinbach

Operations Assistant

Billy Heinbach joined Oola Bowls at their grand opening event at Celebrate Lancaster in the summer of 2017 and was the first employee brought onto the Oola team. He is our Operations Assistant (ordering and receiving products), one of the prep kitchen managers, and handles inventory for each of the stands on a day to day basis. Before working at Oola he worked as a caddy as Lancaster Country Club, landscaper, dishwasher, and he cooked at a 24/7 diner in Louisiana where he attended LSU. He graduated from LSU with a bachelor of interdisciplinary studies, which include minors in: International Business, Personal Investing, Business Administration, and African and African-American Studies. He met his girlfriend, Kasey, at LSU and hopes that she will be moving up to Pennsylvania in January 2021. He enjoys all Philly and LSU sports as well as hiking and backpacking (especially in West Texas / New Mexico).

Abbey Brandt

Lititz Team Captain

Abbey Brandt joined the Oola Bowls team in March of 2019. She started off as a standard employee for the past year and a half and had recently been given the position of handling and managing the Lititz location. She loves this job and working with her standard Lititz crew but also enjoys working with and meeting new people through her job. She always looks forward to sparking conversation with customers, especially regulars like Glen and Ray. Outside of work, she is currently attending McCaskey high school and is in her senior year while also being enrolled in Pennsylvania College of Art and Design for a dual enrollment program. Abbey hopes to go to either Johnson & Whales University or the Culinary Institute of America in New York City for a culinary arts degree next fall. She loves going outside whenever it’s possible and exploring the rural areas of Pennsylvania while also travelling to other states whenever she has the opportunity.

Tony Giannini

Kitchen Manager

Anthony Giannini joined the team in July of 2019. He handles the prep kitchen ins and outs (Kitchen Meetings, labeling, rotation, organizing, processes development, new menu item creation, stand stocking, and scooping açaí.) It's great to be a part of a new company that is goal driven and pushes the "can do" problem solving mindset. Outside of work, he enjoys skateboarding, carpentry, the outdoors, brewing beer, and botany.

Leona Stoltzfus

Assistant Team Captain

Leona Stoltzfus joined the Oola Bowls team in July of 2018 before taking a break to travel for school and returning in August of 2020. She is the Assistant Team Leader at the Lancaster Central Market and Fruitville locations. This involves helping to make sure the stands run as smoothly as possible. The best thing about Oola Bowls is their heart for their employees. It is such a fun community and it is amazing to get to see the company grow and thrive throughout the years. Outside of Oola Bowls, Leona is enrolled in an online program through Liberty University, majoring in Graphic Design. She loves weekly walks in the city for coffee and traveling the world. Fun fact: She lived in Switzerland for 3 months, and in Egypt for 2 months!

Erin Dobinson

Fruitville Team Captain

Erin Dobinson joined Oola Bowls in December of 2019. Hey guys, I’m the Team Captain here at Fruitville Marketplace. I joined Oola two years ago and started at Central Market.  As Team Captain, I make sure Fruitville employees are caught up with our weekly Oola Update, ensure that our stand is in the best condition possible, and am always looking for ways to make your life easier when your at work. When I’m not at Oola, I spend most of my time with friends and family. I also enjoy drawing, hiking, archery, and photography.

John Mimnaugh

Kitchen Team Captain

John joined the Oola Bowls team in July of 2020. He works in conjunction with Billy and Tony to make sure Oola Bowls is prepped with açaí bowls and various other products. John enjoys the fun culture of Oola Bowls and working for a company he sees great potential in. Some of John’s personal hobbies and passions include making music, exercising, and spending time with friends and family. A fun fact about John is he can play three instruments.