How It All Began...

Oola Bowls was started by Brock Snider and Joe Ferderbar. Brock and Joe met at a Lancaster Chamber of Commerce mixer and bonded over their entrepreneurial itch and long conversations about businesses they should start. One day after both independently returning from vacations, Brock at the Delaware beach and Joe in California, Brock had to tell Joe about a new product that he tried, Açai bowls.

Oddly enough, while in California, Joe’s friends had taken he and his girlfriend (now wife) to get their first Açai bowl. The plane ride home consisted of a lot of conversations of how great the bowls were and how they would be a hit in Lancaster. This conversation continued as the two talked about their similar thoughts they had after having their first bowl.


To this day, the two still debate who came up with the idea first, but they both agreed that Oola Bowls has become their ticket to completing a lifelong goal of starting a business from scratch.





Joe Brock in Food Truck.jpg

After deciding that they were going to start Oola Bowls, hours of research were done to find the best Açai they could. That meant a great tasting product, that wasn’t loaded with fillers and added sugar. This product has become the foundation of the famous Oola Bowls that pack great tasting flavor and tons of valuable nutrients unlike anything that can be found in the Lancaster area.


After purchasing a food truck which the two worked in along with Brock's girlfriend Ali and Joe's wife Chelsey, the business began to grow. Eventually they were approved for a stand in Lancaster Central Market (another lifelong dream for the duo) and haven’t looked back since.  

Today, Joe and Brock have enjoyed taking their simple Açai bowl product and turning it into an efficient business. While having an excellent product is important, the two most enjoy building a company they can feel passionate about. That passion comes from the ability to focus on amazing customer service, efficient processes and their platform to build an environment where employees love coming to work, and have the opportunity to grow personally and professionally.

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The Food Truck